Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My Way - Frank Sinatra

And now, the end is near;
And so I face the final curtain.
My friend, I'll say it clear,
I'll state my case, of which I'm certain.

I've lived a life that's full.
I've traveled each and ev'ry highway;
But more, much more than this,
I did it my way.

Regrets, I've had a few;
But then again, too few to mention.
I did what I had to do
And saw it through without exemption.

I planned each charted course;
Each careful step along the byway,
But more, much more than this,
I did it my way.

Yes, there were times, I'm sure you knew
When I bit off more than I could chew.
But through it all, when there was doubt,
I ate it up and spit it out.
I faced it all and I stood tall;
And did it my way.

I've loved, I've laughed and cried.
I've had my fill; my share of losing.
And now, as tears subside,
I find it all so amusing.

To think I did all that;
And may I say - not in a shy way,
"No, oh no not me,
I did it my way".

For what is a man, what has he got?
If not himself, then he has naught.
To say the things he truly feels;
And not the words of one who kneels.
The record shows I took the blows -
And did it my way!

Yes, it was my way….

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Advice for Entrepreneurs

1. Amanda Goh – Dejewel Galleria

“Believe in everything you do and do not be afraid to confront when in doubt. However, be sure that the confrontation is made in a constructive and positive manner.”

2. Angela – Drinkings

“Women entrepreneurs should be firm and decisive. It can be tough as we get in touch with our feminine side and are so sensitive to what others feel or think.”

3. Cheryl Ng – Gbexcel

“Just do it and go all the way out to realize your dreams. As life is too short, live your life to the fullest while you’re here because we’re only here temporarily.”

4. Elim Chew – 77’th Street

“You know you’re defeated when you say the word ‘but’. Because it will make you stay where you are and not do anything to achieve your desire and you will.”

5. Fong Loo Fern – Cyc the Custom Shop

“I believe that every woman needs to know what she wants to achieve in her life and if she wants to become an entrepreneur, she has to evaluate her priorities and make a realistic decision about her future.”

6. Dato’ Hazimah Zainuddin – Hyrax Oil sdn bhd

“Use your intelligence and never feel ashamed if you fail trying, all you have to so is try harder. As long as you put 180% into the business you are doing, you will do it well and succeed one day!”

7. Ho Teh Eng – Fun Science sb

“Choose something that close to heart but at the same time benefits the world and the people. As an entrepreneur, the first few years will be filled with trials and tribulations, sleepless nights and complaints by keep your head up and stay positive.”

8. Jane Horan – The Horan Group

“Do a thorough research, such as feasibility study on the market and the product you are representing, stay focus and take the risk to start your career early.”

9. Julia Gabriel – Julia Gabriel Education

“It’s up to us to seize what’s there and enjoy every facet of life in each cycle.”

10. Dr Kh Wang – Smart Reader Worldwide

“Have a dream, believe in miracle, have a vision, believe in yourself, realize your potential, and realize your dream.”

11. Dr. Khoo Kien Ling – Adamas Wedding sb

“So something that you love, Dare to dream and never let anyone decide what you should do. Concentrate in what you love doing and enjoy doing it.”

12. Lee Ai Mei – Cycle Trend Industries

“You have to be willing to l,earn new things – and believe me, no matter what business you go into, there will be a lot to learn! Nothing is impossible – if college dropouts can become world-leading billionaires and women can lead Fortune 500 companies and world economies, then anything is possible.”

13. Dr. Marceline Lemarie – Katchi Group sb

“Always be confident, have the determination, passion and drive to achieve whatever it is you are pursuing. Never let anyone bring you down and always keep a clear mind. And always have fun in the line that you have chosen.”

14. Megan Lau – Cacao7 Low Carb Chocolates

“Create – only then can you own it; Lead – do it your way, don’ be a follower; Think – be able to achieve the maximum with the least time and effort; Enjoy – the driver of perfection; and most importantly, trust that God loves me and is out to bless and prosper me. And He is my teacher and solution to everything.”

15. Ng Sook Fun – Ying Ker Lou Hakka Cuisine

“Be tough, be patient, love what you do, always believe all the hard work is worth it as a mother, and a woman entrepreneur. When you see your children grow together with your business, and thy are all doing well, it’s all worth it”.

16. Ng Wai Heng – Vista Vision Specialist

“Passion, proactive, and Perseverance. Understand that in life it’s not all sunshine and rainbow. The world is an awful place, it’s not about how hard you are being hit, but how you stand up every time, all the time and keep walking forward.”

17. Noor Nabila – Bellavita

“Go for it!. Surround yourself with quality people that complement your strengths and take care of your weaknesses. Embrace the journey and believe you can succeed.”

18. Novita Tandry – Tumble Tots Indonesia

“Life is all about choices and only once, so lives it to the fullest!”

19. Oh Joo Nee – Let’s Dance Studio

“ Irrespective of being a men or a women, I feel it totally depends on an individual to carry themselves well as an entrepreneur to gain others respect. Be brave to take up opportunities because of you never try you will never know. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.”

20. Ruby Siah – Beaubelle

“Running a business is not about selling only but it also involves various aspects which every entrepreneur has to stay focus and work smart to engage their business process. Especially for women entrepreneurs, emotional intelligence is crucial as there will be many challenges that require us to be strong not only physically and mentally but also emotionally.”

21. Shun Clayton – Frangipani Restaurant & Bar

“Have a basic know-how of legal terms and accounting. As you have invested a huge amount of capital into your business, make sure that you are of what you are spending it on.”

22. Sherena Razaly – Enak KL

“I would like to see less dependence on applying for future. Get the business started and the concept sound, test the market out and just get to it. No excuses. Just do it. Increase your knowledge base from some amazing books out there that will open your mind to think out of the box. Ask questions, seek advice and apply what you can!”

23. Siti Nur Suraya – Lunatots

“It takes two to tango, understanding between partners is very crucial. Aim for one goal at one time and try to achieve it. Do not procrastinate and finally, live life positively.”

24. Winnie Loo – A Cut Above

“Know your value, mark your way up with dignity and consistency and believe that when God closes a door, He will open another door for you or maybe a window. Just stay focus with what you do best and lead the company to being A Cut Above the Rest…”

25. Yap Yan Fang – Wyann International

“The most important thing is to follow your dream and not being afraid to take a chance. I know many are afraid of taking the risks and fail, but I think the greatest failure is to not try.”

26. Yen Dang – Tan Tao Group

“For a business people to become successful, you have to think of how to give back to the society, to the community, and to the world. Capture the young generations as they are the leaders to the future.”

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Change the world

"We cannot change the world around us but we can change the world within us." - John C. Maxwell